Hokkaido processed meat

About meat processed products in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a major producer of Processed meat such as ham, bacon, and sausage, and is highly regarded for its quality and safety. The reason for the delicious taste is the freshness of the meat used and the production environment with thorough hygiene and temperature control. Also, skilled workmen carefully bring out the flavor of the meat without taking extra time and extra effort.

Hokkaido’s Recommended Processed meat

Here are some of the recommended Processed meat produced in Hokkaido.We are particular about not only the taste, but also the amount set for family users and the design of the packaging are also unique.

Yakumo Loseham

Yakumo bacon

Yakumo Arabiki Winner

Schau Essen Melting 4 kinds of cheese

Hokkaido Premium Cut-off Aged thigh Ham

Hokkaido Premium Cut-off Aged Bacon

Hokkaido Premium Super Arabiki Sausage

Shaw Essen

Schau Essen Special Long

Hojun Arabiki Pork Wiener 2 Bundles

Colored Kitchen Loin Ham 4 Stations

Colored Kitchen half bacon 4 Stations

The only way to cherish the gift of life is to use the fullest of life’s blessings without wasting them.

When producing and processing meat, we do not discard the offal, fat and collagen picked out in the process, taking these ingredients and processing them into Processed meat such as ham or sausage.
We cherish the blessings of life to the very end with a hearty “thank you” .