Hokkaido pork

About Hokkaido Pork

Hokkaido pork is of high quality. This is because Hokkaido’s cool climate and rich nature are ideal for raising pigs. It is also because the producers are making efforts to improve their breeding methods and hygiene management.
The meat of Hokkaido pork is tender and has moderate elasticity. The fat is sweet and melts in the mouth. The meat is characterized by a delicious flavor as well as a good aftertaste.

Why Hokkaido Pork is Delicious

Hokkaido natural environment and climate

Pigs are sensitive to heat. Hokkaido has cool and low humidity summers, making it an ideal environment for pigs.
In addition, forest areas cover 70% of Hokkaido’s total land area. The water nurtured by the forests is clean and abundant. Such water is used both as drinking water for the breeding pigs and for cleaning the pigpens. Therefore, the pigs bred here live in clean pens and are carefully raised by the breeders.

Pigs grow healthier and require less medication

Hokkaido is a large island, and the pig farms are scattered throughout this island, which has the advantage of preventing the spread of disease. As a result, pigs grow up healthily in Hokkaido, and the breeders spend less than half the cost of medicine compared to the national average in Japan.

Hokkaido pork is safe, reliable and delicious

Using the three-dimensional vacuum packaging “Skin Pack” make the Hokkaido Pork Tastes Even Better!

“Skinpack” is a three-dimensional form of vacuum packaging. A special film prevents oxygen from permeating, inhibiting oxidation. Thereby, the freshness retention period is extended. In addition, it prevents the meat juices from leaking out of the beef, keeping the taste and nutrients of the meat. This is a new technology that can help solve the problem of food loss.

Pork is very nutritious!

Abundant vitamin B complex and high quality protein

Pork is a rich source of vitamin B complex. In particular, pork contains more vitamin B1 per 100g than most foods. Vitamin B1 helps the body and brain recover from fatigue and is a source of energy.
Pork also contains high quality protein. When protein is taken into the human body, it is broken down into amino acids. Nine of those amino acids are not produced by the body and must be supplemented in the diet. Pork contains all nine of those essential amino acids, contributes to the body’s growth and health maintenance.

Prevents and improves disease and also helps with beauty.

Pork also contains the following nutrients.Oleic acid, which increases HDL(High Density Lipoprotein) and prevents atherosclerosis. Arachidonic acid, which helps relax the brain and improve memory and dementia. Collagen, which improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
For your health, be sure to include pork in your daily diet!