Hokkaido Beef

About Hokkaido beef

Hokkaido beef is high quality meat produced by the skill and passion of producers in a rich natural environment. There are three main types. Japanese Wagyu beef, which melts in your mouth and has a fine texture. Dairy breed bulls, which are lean and healthy. Crossbreds, which are a crossbreed of Wagyu and dairy cattle and have the qualities of both breeds, are used exclusively for meat. Currently, crossbreds are mainly exported from Japan to Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

Why Hokkaido Beef is Delicious

Hokkaido's Natural Environment

Cattle are sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. Hokkaido is the only place in th Japan that does not have a rainy season and has low humidity throughout the year, making it an ideal environment for cattle. Hokkaido's clean water and air also provide nutritious grass, corn, and other forage. furthermore, Hokkaido's cool climate leads fewer pests and diseases, so less pesticides are used on forage.

Advanced Production Technology

Cattle breeding in Hokkaido began in the late 19th century and has a history of more than 200 years. Producers worked diligently and established high-quality, efficient beef cattle production techniques. Today, Hokkaido is the largest beef producer in Japan with the largest number of cattle in Japan.

Milk produced in Hokkaido is immensely popular in Asian countries. Hokkaido beef began to be exported around 2012. Like milk, beef is also gaining popularity year after year for its high quality and safety.

Hokkaido beef is safe, reliable and delicious

Import and processing of Hokkaido beef by an experienced Hong Kong company

SUTHERLAND, a meat processing plant accredited by the Hong Kong Government with a food safety hygiene certificate.

Hokkaido beef is not only sold in Hong Kong, but also exported from Hong Kong to other regions such as Macau.

Hokkaido beef more delicious! Three-dimensional vacuum packaging "skin pack"

"Skinpack" is a three-dimensional form of vacuum packaging. A special film prevents oxygen from permeating, inhibiting oxidation. Thereby, the freshness retention period is extended. In addition, it prevents the meat juices from leaking out of the beef, keeping the taste and nutrients of the meat. This is a new technology that can help solve the problem of food loss.

Beef is very nutritious!

Especially heme iron and L-carnitine

Beef includes various nutrition such as protein, vitamins and minerals. Among them, I would like to pay particular attention to Hem iron and carcinin. The iron contained in beef (Hem iron) is highly absorbed to the body compared to the iron contained in spinach and eggs. It helps to prevent anemia prevention and immunity. Calcinin, which is larger in beef compared to pork and chicken, is effective in body fat combustion and fatigue recovery. Also, beef contains good protein. The protein is decomposed into amino acids when incorporated into the human body. Nine of the amino acids are not made in the body and need to be compensated by meals. Beef contains all of them, contributes to the maintenance of body growth and health. In addition, beef nutrition, such as vitamin B2, cell metabolism, which promotes the balance of skin, coses is also useful for beauty. Eat beef and make it healthy!

High quality protein contributes to body growth and health maintenance

Beef also contains high quality protein. When protein is taken into the human body, it is broken down into amino acids. Nine of those amino acids are not produced by the body and must be supplemented in the diet. Beef contains all nine of those essential amino acids, contributes to the body's growth and health maintenance. In addition, some nutrients in beef are beneficial for beauty, such as vitamin B2, which balances the skin, and zinc, which promotes cell metabolism. So eat beef, be healthy, be beautiful!